frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.)


Can I track my order?

Yes. When you receive our confirmation e-mail this will include your UPS tracking number with a link to follow your order.


Can I purchase gift certificates for Event at West Egg?

Currently Event at West Egg does not offer gift certificates for sale.

If a customer is in possession of an Event at West Egg gift certificate, this person has attended a very 'special' event indeed.


How do I redeem my 'special' Event at West Egg gift certificate?

To redeem your 'special' Event at West Egg gift certificate, please click here for directions.


If I send you a photo of my dress or shoes could you make a purse to match?

We suggest our swatch service. Take a look at the most popular colors clients have requested and order the swatch color(s) that might work for your ensemble. Custom colors


Will Event at West Egg design a purse for me?

Sounds delicious please send us an e-mail of your hopes and dreams.


How do I take care of my purse?

Your purse has been designed for special occasions, not for the wear and tear of everyday use. We suggest that you store your purse in a dust free environment to keep your purse looking fresh.


How are your purses designed?

Our designer for Event at West Egg is drawn to fine silk fabrics, extraordinary vintage brooches, elaborate embroideries, precious pearls and Swarovski crystal rhinestones. Each handbag is created with focused attention to detail, high quality materials and professional execution of design.


What is Shantung silk and what is silk dupioni?

Shantung silk is woven from finer silk fibers giving the fabric an elegant and refined look. Silk dupioni is woven from slightly thicker fibers giving the fabric a textured appearance. Silk dupioni is available in more colors than shantung, especially vibrant colors.


Where can we find your designs locally?

Currently our collection is only available on our online boutique.


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